At school


The form of bom-boy and his multifunctional uses makes it different from other hard constructions and strict specialization of the usual school-devices. You do not fear it and it makes you want to try. He is big enough to offer space for more people and is compact enough to set up more devices in the gym, thus a large number of students can participate in exercising at the same time. Such group exercises decrease inhibition and have a high level of fun. Kids and young people love jumping - bom-boy offers various jumping exercises. With a lot of fun you can do endurance, balance and coordination training. A large tender of exercises, the acquisition of new exercises, the possibility to combine creatively jumping and gymnastic exercises allows an interesting constitution of the lesson. Bom-boy contributes intensively, but on a simple, beautiful kind, to sportive development of the students.


At the fitness studi

Bom-boy offers new possibilities to apply it in gymnasiums. By using the bom-boy as a jumping device you can reach an intensive dynamic burden. This can alternate over and over with relaxing gymnastic exercises. Also for somebody who mainly works out at the fitness studio, bom-boy is an enrichment. It offers the possibility to decentralize with lightly jumping and gymnastic exercises after a muscle exercise. You can test on the bom-boy how good you can control your body. Expanding your exercise plans with exercises on bom-boy you will also get coordination, balance and endurance training. Therefore you can boost your all-around sport development.
Invite parents with children to the gym! While parents exercising in the weight room, kids can use the bom-boy.
Organize workouts for kids groups on bom-boy!

In physiotherapy


The versatility of bom-boy offers a large range of creativity for the therapist and allows it to find an exercise for each patient. He gives many dynamic exercises, a lot of exercises for coordination and balance. His soft and simple form does not arouse fears. Compared to the gymnastic balls bom-boy has a stable support. The high Position stability decreases the risk of falling and allows more exercises with a lot pep, thus more fun. bom-boy´s performance is how you instinctively expect and without surprises. For better learning process, trainer and patient can execute exercises together. kids especially have a lot of fun with bom-boy, for them you can create exercises in a playful way. Despite bom-boy´s size you can roll him and he is quickly set up or moved away. If he is placed on vertically he takes relatively little space away.


At home

Bom-boy is a jumping device that you can use inside normal heighted rooms. You can find mor details about the required room measurements on General Informations. Bom-boy is suitable for every family member, for example, the jumping for dad, the gymnastic exercises for mom or the romping for kids. In bad weather or during a visit from friends the bom-boy is a good alternative compared to electronic games. The variety and the high level of fun elements of bom-boy can entice you to do exercises at home daily.

Only for indoors


Usage outdoors not recommended