General Informations

Technical facts of bom-boy

  • only for indoor!
  • in bloated condition - diameter 170 cm, height 45 to 50 cm
  • electric pump is included
  • empty and convolute size about 30 x 30 x 70 cm
  • tare weight - 12 Kg
  • the surface is elastic and non-slip, made of the same material as the large Gym Balls
  • weight load up to 500kg - ideal for group exercise
  • if used as a trampolin, bom-boy shall be filled with 20 to 40 kg of water

Placment instructions

  • the distance to the wall, furniture etc. should be at least 1 meter
  • for jumping the room-height should be at least 250cm
  • avoid direct sunlight and heat!